John Hobson Ministries Bible Training Center is committed to the teaching and training of God’s Word to students in order to raise up leaders and laypersons to walk in the integrity and counsel of the Holy scriptures of God’s Word.

John Hobson Ministries Bible Training Center has a purpose to perpetuate the knowledge and understanding of the walk of faith by application of God’s Word and His Spirit for the work of the ministry. Our vision, simply stated, is to see our students so well trained and skillfully operating in the  fullness of God’s Word that they are well able and fully equipped to teach others to do the same with great faith, integrity, and excellence. Our mission is to serve as an institution of biblical education by providing Word of Faith-based instruction with integrity and excellence. Our core values are placing the Word of God first in our lives, living by faith, walking in love and above all, honoring God and being lead by His Holy Spirit.